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Trading contract clause

Special statement: this Contract Regulations apply only to Shenzhen Hong Jiarun Electronics Co., Ltd., with the corporation and other business. All the goods provided by the company and the customer offered to buy the required. This contract does not involve any additional compensation agreement. The customer should carefully read this document and sign agreed to perform.

1 this contract to the buyer of the date of signing the contract, both parties to the contract for the Shenzhen Acer Jiarun Electronics Co., and the buyer.

The 2 company to guarantee the highest quality of the buyer. In two months, if the goods have any quality problems, whether the goods in any state (including packing, machine), companies must be refund in 3 working days.

3 in the purchase of goods for more than two months later, the company is only responsible for the technical support of customer service and other related services, but will not accept any form of return.

4 buyers in the purchase of the company to sell products, should have enough experience and professional knowledge in the application of safety management and supervision, and agreed to take legal responsibility after use.

5 liability exemption: the following occurs, the company will not accept refund:

(1) for buyers of goods type validation error;

(2) the quantity of goods for the buyer to confirm error.

6 if otherwise stated on the contract, the goods with the signing of the agreement shall prevail.

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