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Shipment as expected flash chip prices fell slightly

Affected by many uncertain variables interference of global economic recovery, 2011 part of NAND flash terminal application product shipments will be better than expected, and 3q11 received remnant inventory to influence the under influence of the factors of the effect of the traditional peak season for stocking deferred, 8 month nandflash core market buying remained weak, but some systems customers OEM orders with respect to memory card and UFD pathway market demand is still relatively stable. Therefore, small contract MLCNAND flash chip average price fell approximately 1-2%, and TLCNAND flash chip contract price fell approximately 4-7%.
With the recent major countries have started to improve economic growth and fiscal deficits and unemployment and other related issues, in order to reduce the uncertain risk of a sustained recovery in the global economy, I believe will help to boost 4q market confidence and electronic terminal product year-end holiday consumption intention, with the downstream customer inventory level gradually decreased after expected since August after certain system customers new products listed stocking demand will start to warm, then there will be helpful to NAND flash contract prices began bottomed. Due to the current industry of 4q11 market order master degree is not high, so NAND flash subsequent price support strength still need to considered 4q actual market demand situation.
Source: Zhongguancun Online
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